Marcia Chase in Dalaran City wants you to bring her 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.


The bloodtooth is a fiesty little fish used in a recipe to cure infected wounds. We could use some of them, if you're up to it.

As the name suggests, they've a hunger for blood. The only way I know how to catch the little devils is by creating a blood pool and fishing in it.

Get yourself covered in blood - just slaughter a beast in the Borean Tundra - and then jump in the water. It'll wash right off and create the perfect fishing spot.


You will receive:
Inv misc bag 07 blue
[Bag of Fishing Treasures]


Any luck with the bloodtooth? Don't forget what I told you about making blood pools.


You are a brave one, <name>. I hope you didn't lose any extremities making your fishing spot. If you've still got the fishing bug, come back tomorrow and we'll talk some more.


  • Kill any creature shown as a beast (on the tooltip) to become covered in "animal blood". You then have 3 minutes to find open water and jump in.
  • It is important to jump into an open area of water, close enough to land to cast. If the pool appears somewhere you cannot fish, simply kill another beast, and try again.
  • Each Pool of Blood will remain for 3 minutes - plenty of time to catch 5 Bloodtooth Frenzies.
  • This quest is part of the Chasing Marcia Achievement.

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