Blood Crystals,... big nasty cursed things. Not a good omen. You've seen Exodar crystals doing evil things in water before. Better let folks know about it.

This quest is part of the Stillpine Hold quest chain quest chain.

Objectives Edit

Speak with High Chief Stillpine at Stillpine Hold.

Quest Text Edit

On the surface, the crystal appears to be a piece of the Exodar. Something has gone terribly wrong with this crystal, however, as it is blood red and rapidly dissolving into the water supply of the cave.

This may explain the unusually aggressive behavior of the creatures in Azuremyst. Return to High Chief Stillpine with this information.


These blood crystals that you saw; my scouts have seen many more to the north.

I thank you for aid but now ask that you leave me to confer with the elders. I will call for you once I have spoken with the other elders of the village.

Rewards Edit

  • 625 XP
  • 3Silver 90Copper

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [10] Stillpine Hold
  2. Alliance 15 [10] Search Stillpine Hold
  3. Alliance 15 [10] Blood Crystals
  4. Alliance 15 [10] The Kurken is Lurkin'
  5. Both
    1. Alliance 15 [10] Warn Your People
    2. Alliance 15 [10] The Kurken's Hide

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