For the horde version, see Quest:Bijou's Belongings (Horde).


Find Bijou's Belongings and return them to her. Good luck!


Ordinarily I don't deal with <race>s but it seems that I'm stuck between a troll and a hard place. You see, my mission here is one of utmost importance to the Horde. The information I've discovered, however, applies to the well being of the Alliance as well. Now believe me, I'm no Alliance sympathizer, but the Blackrock threat is bigger than just a bunch of orcs.

You help me out by finding my belongings and I'll help you out with some information that could prove useful to your kind.



Any luck?


Well I'll be! Where were they??


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 6400 XP (or 39Silver at level 70)


Her belongings can be in any of a fair number of places. Sometimes they can be found near War Master Voone, but most often, they can be found somewhere in/near the area of the Firebrand orcs. Occasionally, it has been found wedged between a pair of the fallen rocks at the end of the hall. They do not have the item sparkle that most quest items do, look carefully.

The quest in the tracker may state "return to Bijou in Alterac Mountains. This is wrong. You need to return to Bijou within Lower Blackrock Spire.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [59] Bijou's Belongings
  2. Alliance 15 [59] Message to Maxwell
  3. Alliance 15 [60] Maxwell's Mission

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