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Objectives Edit

Fish up a Royal Monkfish from the moat in the Valley of Heroes district of Stormwind. Once you catch a monkfish, fillet it and check if it swallowed the locket.

Description Edit

Arnold and I used to relax down at the moat in the Valley of Heroes. One day, I lost my locket in the lake and I have never been able to find it. Rumor has it that huge royal monkfish live in that moat and they eat anything! I know its a long shot, but do you think you could catch a few monkfish and look for my locket?

Please let me know right away if you find it, it's very precious to me.

Progress Edit

Were you able to find my locket?

Completion Edit

You found it! I can't believe it was down there all those years. You have no idea how much this means to me <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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