In the third Betrayed, you will finally bring Magus Rimtori to justice. This quest is harder than the previous two.


Destroy the arcane focusing crystal tied to Magus Rimtori and then slay her. Afterwards, take the Head of Magus Rimtori to Ag'tor Bloodfist in Azshara.


After accepting the new quest from the Kaldorei Tome of Summoning, you need simply right click on one of the crystals floating nearby. Either an infernal or a Blood Elf Defender will spawn. If it is the infernal, just kill it and click a different crystal after the crystals respawn. If the defender spawns, beware because once it has reached low health, Magus Rimtori will arrive.

Once you have defeated Rimtori and looted her to receive [Head of Magus Rimtori], return to Valormok in Azshara and turn the quest in to Ag'tor Bloodfist.

Note: If you are a high enough level and manage to one-shot the Blood Elf Defender, Magus Rimtori may not spawn. It is recommended in this case to use normal melee attacks and not use any spells or special attacks when you engage the Blood Elf Defender.


A few more moments of thought brings a few ideas to mind, one of which brings a smile to your face: perhaps destroying the crystals would upset the blood elf responsible for the slaughter of so many orcs and the betrayal of Belgrom?

You continue to decipher more of the script and pictures and realize that one of the crystals is tied to the creator of the circle--the others are tied to something far more sinister.

You close the book and begin to decide which crystal to destroy.


How goes your slaughter of the blood elf traitors, <name>? Have you made any progress?

I hope you are the one strong enough to bring that dog to her knees! She deserves nothing but a painful death for all that she has done!


RAR!! Incredible!

You've done it! Belgrom will be pleased! Finally the spirits of dozens of our warriors can be at peace. Thank you, <name>.

Quest progression

  1. Horde 15 [53] Betrayed
  2. Horde 15 [53] Betrayed (2)
  3. Horde 15 [56] Betrayed (3)
  4. Horde 15 [56] Betrayed (4)

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