Kill 6 Blackrock Worgs

[30, 38]



So you're the new recruit from Stormwind, eh? I'm Marshal McBride, commander of this garrison. Glad to have you on board...

<McBride looks through some papers.>

<name>. It is <name>, right?

You've arrived just in time. The Blackrock orcs have managed to sneak into Northshire through a break in the mountain. My soldiers are doing the best that they can to push them back, but I fear they will be overwhelmed soon.

Head northwest into the forest and kill the attacking Blackrock worgs! Help my soldiers!


You've bought us a little time, <name>, but we've got even bigger problems to deal with now.


You will receive:

You will be able to choose from the following rewards
Item Class Spec(s)
Runner's Belt Hunter Hunter
Monk Monk
Rogue Rogue
Northshire Abbot's Cinch Mage Mage
Priest Priest
Warlock Warlock
Worg Handler's Gloves Paladin Paladin
Warrior Warrior


  1. A [1] Beating Them Back!
  2. A [1] Lions for Lambs
  3. Class quests
  4. A [1] Join the Battle!
  5. A [1] They Sent Assassins
  6. A [1] The Rear is Clear
  7. A [2] Blackrock Invasion / A [2] Extinguishing Hope
  8. A [2] Ending the Invasion!
  9. A [1] Report to Goldshire / A [4] Rest and Relaxation

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