Thassarian aboard the Skybreaker wants you to use Pustulent Spinal Fluid on a plague cauldron at Mord'rethar.

  • Batch of Plague Neutralized

Suggested Players [5]


<Thassarian takes the Pustulent Spines and drains their fluid into a flask.>

A little-known quality of the flesh giants...

Their spinal fluid interacts with the plague in a very interesting way, turning it into a corrosive acid.

Poured from the towering ramparts, acid may not be a welcome sight to the troops below, but at least the victims won't rise up and add to the enemy's numbers.

Pour the contents of this flask into one of the plague cauldrons in the western chamber of the death gate.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry ring 45
[Newt-Eye Ring]
Inv jewelry ring ahnqiraj 03
[Bat-Wool Signet]
Inv misc questionmark
Frog-Toe Band


Were you able to neutralize a batch of plague, <class>?


You have done well, <class>.

When our armies arrive to march on the Citadel, we will have a solid plan in pace for taking the death gate.


This quest can not be done by a solo player. You will need a bare minimum of two players who are also on the quest, or on the daily version, Neutralizing the Plague (Alliance), and thus have the Pustulant Spinal Fluid. More players is better, in case of a mistake.

The entrance to Mord'rethar is at the western end of the death gate at [63, 62]
. Go inside and pick a cauldron, clearing out the trash around it. Before you start the event, determine an order in which the players will use their Pustulent Spinal Fluid. The event sequence will start when the first player uses the Fluid. After some time, the cauldron will require another dose (shown as a warning on screen), and the second player should use a Fluid. This repeats until after a total of three to five doses the cauldron is neutralised.

The Fluid has a cooldown of 90 seconds. The cauldron will need a Fluid sooner than this, which is why at least two players are required. The cauldron will accept more than one Fluids at the same time, but only one will register. Any extra Fluid is wasted. Any hits on you will interrupt the channelling of the Fluid, so make sure that the player whose next turn it is free of aggro.

During the event the cauldron will spawn waves of mobs. A wave will be either one big elite (56k health), 2-3 smaller elites (25k health each), or about 8-10 non-elite slimes (12k health each).

The regular trash inside Mord'rethar will also likely respawn at least once and should be taken down immediately to minimise interference.

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [80] ...All the Help We Can Get.
  2. Alliance 15 [80] Poke and Prod
  3. Alliance 15 [80G3] Against the Giants
  4. Alliance 15 [80G5] Basic Chemistry (Daily version)

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