Basic Botany starts the five-part Lawn of the Dead quest chain quest chain, where players will get to play an "in-game" game based on the popular game "Plants vs. Zombies". The final quest rewards a Singing Sunflower non-combat pet. After you begin each quest, you will zone into your own instance of the game there at Brazie's Farmstead, where your character will disappear until the quest ends. Once the quest begins, your view will zoom far enough out that you have a full-screen view of Brazie's Farmstead, at which point you will note that you have a playing field of 5 rows by 8 columns. (Certain addons are very intrusive to this, consider turning them off or moving them briefly for these quests) Your toolbar will also adapt to the game, giving you a toolbar for your seeds and a "Solar Power" energy bar. Also note the red "eject" button which will instantly fail the quest and clear it from your quest log.

Objectives Edit

Survive a Massive Wave of Zombies.

Description Edit

HELP! HELP! Crazed undead are attacking my farm! That psycho warden over at the Sludge Fields is probably responsible for this mess. Help me fight off the zombies!

Rewards Edit

13Gold 23Silver

Completion Edit

PHEW! That was close! You're a real natural with these plants, <class>. You know, I brought the seeds here with me from Lost Isles. I figure once I get them all figured out I'll make a fortune in the deadly flower business!


Gains Edit

Scales with level. Max-level yields 13Gold 23Silver while below max-level yields both cash and XP.

Notes Edit

For this quest, undead will only come down the center row so you are encouraged by a marker to place your first seed in the center row on the far-left column. The Spitter seed, when planted, will emerge immediately and begin spitting at the first undead on the row. In order to plant Spitter seeds, you must first collect enough solar power to activate the seed. Each solar flare (Appearing as a bright yellow ball on the screen, right-click to gather) will yield 5% of your solar power. For Spitters, it requires 20% of solar power to activate the seeds. You may plant as many flowers as you desire based on your solar power and seed cooldowns, however spitters are only supposed to attack undead on their row. (They seem to occasionally attack undead on adjacent rows at the moment, however this may be a glitch. They have also been known to NOT attack undead on their row, clearly a glitch.) Completion of this quest will unlock the use of the Sunflower seed, which you will use liberally in the following quests.

If an undead should reach one of your flowers, they will attack it and eventually kill it if they are not killed first. Therefore it is a wise idea to place your flowers at the farthest point from their origination. All undead start from the right-hand side of the field, making their way to Brazie's house on the left. If an undead reaches the left side, killing all the flowers of that row, do not despair yet. For when he reaches the "Fertilize-o-tron 4000" it will kill that undead and any other undead on that row as it makes it's way across to the right side of the field. Unfortunately it will also destroy any plants you have planted on that row since the undead came through. If however another undead wave should pass through the same row, there's no Fertilize-o-Tron 4000 to save you this time. The undead will reach the house, the quest will fail and you will see the message "Zombies ate your brains".

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [20] Basic Botany
  2. Neutral 15 [20] Flower Power
  3. Neutral 15 [20] Ghouls Hate My Grains
  4. Neutral 15 [20] Someone Setup the Pumpkin Bomb
  5. Neutral 15 [20] Lawn of the Dead

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