Bartolo's Yeti Fur Cloak is an Alliance quest in Hillsbrad Foothills that involves collecting yeti fur and various profession made items.


Bring Bartolo Ginsetti of Southshore a Bolt of Wool, Fine Thread, a Hillman's Cloak and 10 clumps of Yeti Fur.

You need:



I, the great Bartolo, shall make for you the world famous, Alliance renowned, Yeti Fur Cloak!

Travel the planet and find yourself a better cloak, I dare you. Oh wait, what is that, little <race>? "Bartolo, there is no finer cloak!" Yes, yes! That, I have heard before.

Bartolo requires a Bolt of Wool, a Hillman's Cloak made by a skilled leatherworker, Fine Thread and Yeti Fur, of course! Bring to me these items and you shall be a happy customer!

You can make the Hillman's Cloak yourself, if you adopt the leatherworking skill. To get the Hillman's Cloak 'recipe' you have to attain 150 on the Leatherworking proficiency rating.


So you have returned to the great Bartolo. Perhaps you have finished gathering the materials needed for your Yeti Fur Cloak? Or maybe you just enjoy basking in the greatness of me, Bartolo!


Now it is time for the great Bartolo to work his magic! I require no wizard's staff, no <class>'s rod. For I, the great Bartolo, work magic with a mere needle and thread!


You will receive:

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