Bandits! starts when the player activates the item 'Blood Elf Communication' which drops, surprisingly enough, from Blood Elf Bandits.

Objectives Edit

Take the Blood Elf Communication to Exarch Menelaous at Azure Watch.

Description Edit

This appears to be a bounty ledger. You cannot understand the blood elf language but you note that there is a picture depicting a dead draenei, a smiling blood elf standing over the corpse, and a symbol of what you think is some sort of blood elf currency.

They've put a hit out on draenei! You must inform the exarch.


Yes? I'm very busy, <name>.

Completion Edit

By the beardless, geometric head of O'ros! It is good you brought this to me, <name>. These blood elves are out for... well, blood. Velen will be informed at once! Take this as a reward.

Reward Edit

Choose from:
Inv gauntlets 04
[Battle Worn Gauntlets]
Inv gauntlets 06
[Battle Worn Gloves]
Inv gauntlets 21
[Battle Worn Handguards]

Gains Edit

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