Defeat the Ghost of Lin Da-Gu.


<As you open the scroll, you realize your worst fears have come true: the sha energies have corrupted the Lin recipe.>

<Your only choice is to defeat the released energies in the hope that the scroll can be saved.>


You will receive:

  • 471000 XP
  • 45Gold 60Silver


  • After killing him, open your quest log to click complete on the quest.


  1. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten
  2. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient
  3. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Bad Feeling, Worse Result
  4. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Secrets Lost, Forever?
  5. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Catch and Carry
  6. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Is That A Real Measurement?
  7. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks
  8. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Secret Ingredient Is...

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