Ground Commander Koup at the edge of the glacier east of Ymirheim has ordered you to use the Skybreaker Suppression Turret to keep the Skybreaker Troop Transport alive long enough to make all of its drops.


I've got some bots suited and ready for their drops inside of Ymirheim. I could use to see them there safely.

Inside the walls, the vrykul have setup some kind of automated spear guns that have been tearing up our transports. We had our engineers install a Suppression Turret to shut down those spear guns - just fire a round near any gun and the smoke should block its sight and clog its gears.

Hop on the turret and see to it that all my boys make it to their drops in one piece.


Did you get my boys inside?


Excellent work, soldier. We could use more able bodies like you around here - stop back by another day if the operation hasn't wrapped up.


You will be controlling a turret mounted on an airplane which can fire three projectiles in rapid succession before requiring a break to refill energy. The goal is to hit the spear guns scattered throughout Ymirheim, which will prevent them from firing at you for 15 seconds. Aiming is difficult as you are anything but steady. Knowledge of where the turrets are and a good graphics card to support having Terrain Distance at maximum will help significantly.

The plane can be taken multiple times, therefore allowing a succession of 2 two-person drops to be a relatively easy way to succeed.

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