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Kill Ascendant Lord Obsidius[69, 54]

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<Finkle's helm buzzes.>

GOOD GOLLY! Look at this place! A... Are those Deathwing's claw marks on the ceiling?! And what's that creature in the center of the chamber?

I don't see Raz anywhere. Let's take care of this monster and find Raz!


Poor Raz. He was the best friend a gnome ever had. At least we avenged his death and cleared out this hellish cavern!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 32Gold 80Silver
  • 69800 XP

You will also be able to choose one of the following:

Inv chest cloth 15
[Acid-Eaten Vest]
Inv helmet mail dungeonmail c 03
[Diamond-Studded Helm]
Inv chest plate dungeonplate c 03
[Raz's Breastplate]

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [80] This Can Only Mean One Thing...
  2. Neutral 15 [80] To the Chamber of Incineration!
  3. Neutral 15 [80] What Is This Place?
  4. Neutral 15 [80] The Twilight Forge
  5. Neutral 15 [80] Do My Eyes Deceive Me? / Neutral 15 [80] Ascendant Lord Obsidius

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