Avast Lubber!   Bring me 12 trinkets of the Arena Master and then ye shall be a Grandmaster of the Gurubashi Arena!   Arrrr!


You receive
Inv misc armorkit 04.png


Much blood have you spilt on the Arena floor and I be glad to name you Grandmaster of the Arena!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:


Questionmark-medium.png This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate.
  • Although the Inv misc armorkit 14.png [Arena Master] requires level 35 to equip, the quest can be started at any level making the reward item popular for low level Twinks.
    • Template:Tiem used to have a Dodge Rating that gave around 5% Dodge, but Patch 2.1 reduced how much dodge any player under 34 from dodge rating making this give about 2% dodge instead. Patch 3.1 made it even better for low level twinks, replacing the dodge with +12 stamina. The stat squish reduced the bonus for stamina and absurd, but much less than most item bonuses, so it remains a good twink item.
    • Also, be warned that the Arena Master trinkets do not stack, so to collect 12 for the hand-in, you will need 12 spare bag slots!

Patch changes

World of Warcraft Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): Added.

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