Escort Arei to safety, then speak with Kayneth Stillwind in Forest Song, in eastern Ashenvale.

  • Help Arei get to Safety


Felwood was once a peaceful and serene land... Until the legion took hold. The infernals, destruction, chaos...

The skull of Gul'dan ensured that none were spared here. All fell to the corruption.

Even now, as a spirit, I still find myself trapped, bearing the suffering of this land. Help me find my way home. Please, <name>, tell me you will lead an ancient spirit away from here, where I may finally rest.

Once I am free, seek out Kayneth Stillwind, a druid that resides in Forest Song, to the east.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv misc cape 05
[Ethereal Mist Cape]
Inv shoulder 30
[Clouddrift Mantle]


Yes, <name>. Felwood has been through much hardship. Thank you for what you have done.

One day, we may be able to reclaim Felwood from the corruption; every kind deed helps.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

  1. Alliance 15 [54] Flute of Xavaric
  2. Alliance 15 [54] Felbound Ancients
  3. Alliance 15 [54] Purified!
  4. Alliance 15 [56] Ancient Spirit



Use the [Flute of the Ancients] to summon Arei in Irontree Woods near the elven statue in the ruins. See the flute's article for more information on obtaining the it.

On accept
Arei says: Please, help me to get through this cursed forest, <race>.
In combat
  • This creature suffers from the effects of the fel... We must end its misery.
  • I regret that I must fight this <target>.
  • That I must fight my own kind deeply saddens me.
  • Help me with this <target>!
  • I sense the taint of corruption upon this <target>. Help me destroy it!
  • This <target> has been driven mad from the corruption!
Crossing the river
The corruption has not left any of the creatures of Felwood untouched, <name>. Please, be on your guard.
Objective complete
Arei says: I can sense it now, <name>. Ashenvale lies down this road.
Arei says: I feel... something strange...
Arei says: <name>, my form has now changed! The true strength of my spirit is returning to me now... The cursed grasp of the forest is leaving me.
Arei says: Thank you, <name>. Now my spirit will finally be at peace.

Upon reaching the road, an ambush of three Irontree Wanderers will surround Arei. Kill them to complete the quest.

Patch changes

This quest used to involve escorting Arei all the way down to Ashenvale. It was changed a long time ago and now takes much less time (and is much easier on a PVP realm, as it's easy to find the opposing faction along Felwood's only road).

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