Locate Drom Frostgrip.


I don't know where this core is hiding, but ye knew that. I said I'd help though, and that I shall.

There's a hermit by the name of Drom Frostgrip that lives in a cave north of here... down in tha valley. We've strayed away from the titans a bit ourselves being that there are so few about, but Drom's loyal to the old ways... he keeps an eye on their most precious places and speaks te the keeper Creteus often.

Yer sure to find him in the back of his cave... tell'm I sent ye and he'll help ye.


<Drom coughs up a bit of blood.>

Norgannon's Core, eh? I've spent a fair number of days trying to find anything I could about it myself but it seems to be one of the relics that's still guarded. With reason I suppose.

If King Stormheart sent you, he must see something noble in ye... and I'm not one to refuse my king.


Fjorlin Frostbrow whispers: Over here <laddy/lassie>, I have something I could use a hand with.

Pick up Alliance 15 [80] Unwelcome Guests from Fjorlin before heading out.

Frostgrip's Hollow[26.8, 66.8]
is at the base of the peak where players fought Sirana Iceshriek. Take a left at the first fork, as the other paths are all one-way and can't be used to exit after speaking with Drom.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [80] On Brann's Trail
  2. Alliance 15 [80] Sniffing Out the Perpetrator
  3. Alliance 15 [80] Pieces to the Puzzle
  4. Alliance 15 [80] Data Mining
  5. Alliance 15 [80] The Library Console
  6. Alliance 15 [80] Norgannon's Shell
  7. Alliance 15 [80] Aid from the Explorers' League
  8. Alliance 15 [80] The Frostborn King
  9. Alliance 15 [80] Fervor of the Frostborn
  10. Alliance 15 [80] An Experienced Guide
  11. Alliance 15 [80] The Lonesome Watcher
  12. Alliance 15 [80] Fate of the Titans
  13. Alliance 15 [80] The Hidden Relic
  14. Alliance 15 [80] Fury of the Frostborn King
  15. Alliance 15 [80] The Master Explorer
  16. Alliance 15 [80] The Brothers Bronzebeard
  17. Alliance 15 [78 Daily] Pushed Too Far

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