Continue inside Blackfathom Deeps and loot the Fathom Stone to acquire the Fathom Core. Looting the Fathom Stone will summon Baron Aquanis.

Objectives Edit

Bring the Fathom Core to Je'neu Sancrea within Blackfathom Deeps.

Description Edit

The Twilight's Hammer has moved into the Moonshrine Ruins here. Their presence can only serve to coerce the elements into working against us.

<name>, find the Twilight agents here, then find the ruin's fathom stone; it should be somewhere underwater, probably right underneath their own noses. In it is a fathom core - a device that when properly read it will relate a history of all elemental activity. If I have it, the Earthen Ring and I can hopefully do something to stop them!

Progress Edit

Have you been successful in locating the fathom core? Without it we'll have no idea what the Twilight's Hammer is exactly up to down there.

Completion Edit

This is exactly what I need! A fathom core is an incredible well of information that we will be able to draw much good from. Whatever the Twilight's Hammer is up to in there - and believe me when I say it is no good - my comrades and I will now uncover.

You've done well here today; the Earthen Ring looks upon you warmly for assisting us. You've also helped the Horde as a whole, and for that you should be proud.


You will gain:


It is suggested to wait until level 21 to complete this quest, as the quest associated with the Spell shadow teleport [Strange Water Globe] that Baron Aquanis drops can only be accepted at level 21.

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