Slay Combat Lorekeeper Amberwind

[49.6, 28.4]

at the Darnassian Base Camp and retrieve her journal.


If my sources are trustworthy, Lorekeeper Amberwind is overseeing the Alliance investigation of the ruins to the east. I have not yet probed the extent of her abilities: I'm hoping you can give me a full report by engaging her in combat and destroying her.

With a title like 'Lorekeeper,' I'm guessing Amberwind will have a journal on her that'll tell us exactly what those night elves are up to. Fetch that journal for me. No need to run back; use their own scrying stones to contact me remotely.


<Andorel's distorted face appears within the scrying stone.>

<name>, have you made contact? What can you tell me?


Amberwind was making use of an Arcane Construct? Hah! How delightfully inexperienced. It's like watching children play with firearms.

Let's take a look at that journal, <name>. Hold it up to the scrying stone... keep it still ...


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