Elementalist Lo'ap at the Throne of the Elements in Nagrand wants you to destroy 12 Lake Spirits.



The Throne of Elements is just north of Garadar on the other side of the lake. The Lake Spirits are just south of the quest giver in the lake.


The disturbance in the ebb and flow of the waters of Nagrand has greatly agitated the water spirits of Skysong Lake. They have in turn begun sowing destruction throughout the waterways of the area.

Watoosun of the Water has come to us in a vision and granted us permission to remedy the problem - so long as the source of the disturbance is also dealt with...

We will get to the source, but first you must deal with the problems immediate to the Throne. Destroy the agitated lake spirits and return to me


11000 experience or 6 gold 60 silver at level 70.


<Elementalist Lo'ap kneels in the water and says a prayer.>

The Earthen Ring takes no pride in what was done. We do what we must to heal the land.

Quest Progression

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