Thyra Kvinnshal in Brunnhildar Village wants you to go to Valkyrion and obtain Spell frost iceshock [Vials of Frost Oil] from the Valkyrion Aspirants. Use the Vials of Frost Oil to destroy 30 Plagued Proto-Drake Eggs.

  • Plagued Proto-Drake Egg destroyed: (30)


The Lich King sent emissaries to us on three different occasions. All three were promptly dismembered.

Our sisters in Valkyrion were not as dedicated to our traditions and accepted the Scourge's advances. Now instead of capturing their drakes from the wild, they raise them from the blight and filth that the Scourge wallow in.

Take the frost oil that the Valkyrion Hyldnir carry on them and use it to freeze any blighted eggs you find. Rumors speak of a fetid pool of blight where the eggs are kept.


Did you destroy the blighted eggs?


You have our thanks, sister. We cannot allow our valiant traditions to be corrupted.


The Plagued Proto-drake eggs are in an orange pool at the west end of Valkyrion. Can't miss 'em.

This quest pairs well with Off With Their Black Wings.

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