Priest, you are about to undergo a rigorous series of events which shall test all of your abilities.

I suggest that you listen to the story that I have to tell.

Be warned, you must complete this task alone. It is recommended that your allies remain at a distance. Interference by outside agents will result in a most severe punishment.

Destiny has led you and you alone here. Battle with honor. Harness the Light.

Eris' story

Praise the Light, one has finally answered the calling.

GossipgossipiconThe Eye led me here, Eris.

<Eris nods>
The Eye has seen so many horrors and wonders.
It displays what it feels the one looking into it is most suited to see.

GossipgossipiconAnd I was suited to see this?

You were. The Eye is never wrong.
You are a priest/priestess after all. A powerful priest/priestess, if the Eye showed you this horrible memory.
You have come for redemption, yet you yourself do not realize this... Do you?

GossipgossipiconI really did not know what to expect, Eris. I will use my powers to assist you if that is what is asked of me.

I know you will, <name>.
I myself am a priestess, though, unlike you I am long since gone from this world. My spirit, however, remains here, as do the spirits of the thousands who were brutally slain by the mad Prince, Arthas Menethil and his legion of undeath.

GossipgossipiconThose days are over, Eris.

I never stated that you were here to redeem yourself, priest/priestess. You are here to redeem me and the innocents murdered while trying to escape Stratholme.
My spirit and the spirit of those lost are bound here, cursed to endlessly relive our own tragic deaths.

GossipgossipiconSo what can I do to help?

You must do what I could not: Save the peasants that were cut down while fleeing from Stratholme.
They will walk towards the light, you must ensure their survival. Should too many fall, our cursed existence shall continue - you will have failed.
Every ability, prayer and spell that you have learned will be tested. May the Light protect you, <name>.

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