Find Hammertoe Grez in Uldaman.

Quest Text

(name), can ye find him? Can you find Hammertoe in Uldaman?

If those dirty Shadowforge are holdin' him hostage to figure out what he knows about the titan excavations, then all of Ironforge could be in huge trouble.

For a long time now those Dark Irons have been lokin' for magics to make more powerful golems. Hammertoe was doin' the same, of course, but only to stop them.

They're probably keepin' him alive until they learn what he knows. Ye've got to hurry if you're gonna save him!


Hammertoe Grez is just down the tunnel before you jump down to the entrance of the instance. He is the kneeling bald dwarf with a flame-colored beard barricaded behind some boxes (coordinates: 53,60).

Quest completion

Yes? Ah'm sorry... <cough> Feel so weak. Can ye come closer, <class>?

Ryedol sent ye? Muradin be praised, that boy's not as slow in the head as I once thought. <cough>

Quest progression

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