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Find the prisoner in Scarlet Palisade.

  • Find the Scarlet Prisoner

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Lieutenant Gebler:

How curious that you would decide to take a prisoner... an undead one at that. What were you thinking? Do you think that, just because of the prisoner's former status, that she would be above the edicts of the Scarlet Crusade?

This is most troubling, Gebler. I would remind you that there are penalties for such behavior. I command you to execute the prisoner at once. She is no longer one of us.

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You will receive: 2Silver

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The Scarlet Crusade takes no prisoners. That they would do so with this young woman... curious.

The powers that you describe are even curiouser. She passed through the bars of her prison and killed her captor? Why hadn't she done that in the first place?

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The prisoner is Lilian Voss who is found in at the top of the tower.

"What are you doing here? Get out of here!"

Gossipgossipicon I'm here to rescue you.

"First of all, I don't need to be rescued. Second of all, I'd never allow myself to be rescued by an abomination like you!"

Gossipgossipicon Lilian, you're one of the Forsaken, like me. Which brings the question: why did the Scarlet Crusade put you in a cage? They usually kill the undead on sight.

"I'm NOT undead! Not for long, anyway. My father will rescue me, I know it..."

Gossipgossipicon Your father?

Lilian Voss says: Yes, my... wait, be quiet! I hear the lieutenant approaching.
Scarlet Lieutenant Gebler says: The time has come, my little captive... word has come back from your father.
Lilian Voss says: Gebler, you came! What did he say?
Scarlet Lieutenant Gebler says: High Priest Voss denounces you as a daughter. He's ordered that you be executed immediately.
Lilian Voss says: What? NO! This can't be! Gebler, you know me... we were friends once!
Scarlet Lieutenant Gebler says: The High Priest sends his regrets. He head hoped that one day you would be a powerful weapon against our enemies.
Scarlet Lieutenant Gebler says: Unfortunately, you were too dangerous in life, and you're far too dangerous in undeath. I will enjoy killing you, you Scourged witch...
Lilian suddenly jumps out of the cage in shadowy flames onto Gebler, killing him then goes back into the cage.
Lilian Voss says: Gebler, father, why would you...
Lilian Voss says: The world of the living may have turned its back on me, but I'm no damned Scourge. Just go.

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The title of the quest may reference the 1850 romance work The Scarlet Letter[1]

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