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Obtain 4 Plague Lurker Samples, 4 Venom Mist Lurker Samples, 4 Hulking Plaguebear Samples, and 4 Diseased Wolf Samples.

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No longer does the Scourge hold this area. We, the living, are retaking Lordaeron.

We have taken great strides already, as you have already seen. The earth flowers, the trees grow tall and green, and the wildlife is beginning to come return. Yet a few remnants of undeath remain.

While the trees and grass prosper, the animals are struggling. Something is preventing them from healing, and I intend to find out what. Bring me samples from the plagued wildlife so that I may study them more closely.

Progress Edit

Once the animals are healed, our duties here will be nearly complete.

Completion Edit

This will be more than enough, <name>. Now, I will need some time to perform my studies.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv bracer 78v2
[Bracers of the Returning Wild]
Inv boots leather 11
[Boots of the Flowering Earth]
Inv misc cape 09
[Forest Green Cloak]

You will also recieve: 40Silver

Notes Edit

On completion

Field Agent Kaartish says: I will need some time to study these samples, <name>. I will speak to you again when I have completed my analysis.

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