Any skeleton killed around Agamand Mills may drop a letter, which needs to be delivered to Yvette. She is found at the inn; she stands in the corner.

Quest Objectives Edit

Find Yvette Farthing, and deliver to her the letter from Thurman Agamand.

Description Edit

This is a letter written by Thurman, the eldest son of Gregor Agamand. It is addressed to an Yvette Farthing, though it does not appear to have reached her...



CompletionEdit poor Thurman! I begged him to leave Agamand Mills with me and my father, but his family loyalty was too strong! And I knew it! I just knew it that Brand meant him harm!! Oh, curse this Plague, and the Scourge!

<Yvette's face then smoothes and grows cold.>

But regrets are for the weak. As a Forsaken, I have new goals and love is not one of them. I would thank you for delivering this letter, for I had wondered what happened to my past love.

But that life is over. Forever.

Details Edit

Go to the tavern in Brill and as soon as you enter past the First Aid trainer turn left before you go down the short flight of stairs to the landing. If nothing else, look for the yellow dot on your minimap and there she is. She's rather depressing though.

Rewards Edit

  • 45-480 XP
  • Undercity +150
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