Objectives Edit

Kill Overlord Ror and return his claw to Dreka'Sur at Bloodvenom Post in Felwood.

Description Edit

My husband traveled Felwood for the honor of our clan, doing battle against the shadow council and other corrupt atrocities!

After he escapted death numerous times, I received a letter from him saying that a druid asked him for help against a great befouled furbolg named Overlord Ror--the two were never heard from again.

I want this Ror's clawed hand, <name>. I want it to pay for leaving me a widow! I believe the creature is to the south... near the Ashenvale Border.

Reward Edit

  • 75Silver

Progress Edit

Do you have the beast's claw yet, <name>? It will pay for it's crimes. I don't care if it's corrupt or just angry for living in such a dismal forest. No furlbog will live for long committng such crimes against my family!

Completion Edit


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