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Collect 3 Pair of Ivory Tusks and return them to Shadrek at Aeris Landing in Nagrand.


Details Edit

Shadrak is located on the eastern side of Aeris Landing. The wild elekk have almost a 100% drop rate for the ivory horns, with or without the quest. The wild elekk are found all over Nagrand, not in any one specific location. As listed in the quest details, killing Bull Elekk will not drop the quest items. This quest is only available at neutral reputation with the Consortium.

Description Edit

Ivory is a much sought after prize. I have many customers in far off places lined up waiting to purchase it.

I could be convinced to let you in on a cut of the profits.

The wild elekk roaming Nagrand have the high quality of tusks that I'm after. Steer clear of the bull elekk; their Ivory isn't in the condition that I desire.

Oh and don't worry, it's not poaching; I have an understanding with both the orcs and the draenei.

Do you and I have an understanding?

Reward Edit

  • 3Gold 50Silver
  • 11300 XP

Progress Edit

"It's ivory that I'm after, not excuses. Of course, if you'd rather, we can renegotiate your percentage of the profits. I doubt that you'd be pleased with the result."

Completion Edit

"Never doubted you for a second, friend. Most of those look like fine specimens, if a bit dirty and scratched up. Still, I think they're worth the value we agreed upon previously."

"I hope that we can continue to do business in the future."

Note Edit

This quest is an obvious play of elephant hunt for the ivory in Africa, as the Consortium is very well capable of killing for money

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [66] A Head Full of Ivory
  2. Neutral 15 [66] More Heads Full of Ivory

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