Evacuate the Citizens of Darnassus.

  • Darnassian Citizens evacuated (982)
  • Douse Flames (10,000)

Provided item:


<Name>, I need your help! We must evacuate Darnassus before it burns to ash! Many of the city's structures have already caught fire. Douse the flames and rescue the trapped civilians within! Please, do all that you can... we must save as many lives as possible.



You will receive:


Mia Greymane is kneeling over the adventurer's body.
Mia Greymane says: <Name>... <name>? Can you hear me?
Mia Greymane says: I am... relieved... I found you...
Mia Greymane says: <Name>... hurry. Evacuate the city... before it burns...
Mia is exhausted. Genn Greymane in his worgen form emerges from the portal and rushes to her.
Genn Greymane says: Mia... MIA! Open your eyes, my queen... my love!
Genn Greymane says: You can't stay here any longer! We must escape through the portal!
Mia Greymane says: The tree... they're burning the tree! The child... save her. Leave... me.
Genn Greymane says: Never! I'll take you both!
Genn turns to Astarii.
Genn Greymane says: Astarii, you've done all you can! Command the priests to come with us!
Mia Greymane says: They... will not go...
Genn Greymane says: The Banshee murdered my son. Stole my kingdom. She will not cost me my beloved!
Genn takes the human child and Mia to the portal. He turns to Astarii.
Genn Greymane says: May your goddess watch over you.
Astarii bows. Genn uses the portal.


Part One
  1. A [110] A Short-Lived Peace
  2. A [110] The Horde Uprising
  3. A [110] A Disturbance in Ashenvale
  4. A [110] The Light of Elune / A [110] Knives of the Forsaken
  5. A [110] A Soft Glow
  6. A [110] Hidden Amongst the Leaves / A [110] Mercy for the Mad
  7. A [110] Garden Grove
  8. A [110] Enraged Furbolgs / A [110] Elves in the Machine
  9. A [110] The Wake of Something New
  10. A [110] Azerite Denial / A [110] No Horde Allowed
  11. A [110] Malfurion Returns
  12. A [110] "Rock" The World
  13. A [110] Long Away
  14. A [110] A Looming Threat
Part Two
  1. A [110] A Threat from the North
  2. A [110] Rescue Effort / A [110] Defending Lor'danel
  3. A [110] Action This Day
  4. A [110] The Guidance of Our Shan'do
  5. A [110] A Flicker of Hope
  6. A [110] From the Ashes...


  • This quest is designed to fail. Players are given minimal time to save the citizens and put out the fires. Once the timer has expired, players black out, only to be greeted by Genn Greymane. He reveals that all is lost and bids players to save themselves by using the portal to Stormwind.
  • Take the Portal to Stormwind to arrive in the standard portal drop-off spot in the Wizard's Sanctum. Get to Stormwind Keep.

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