Occurrence: These mobs are found in linked pairs guarding the doors between rooms in the instance. They do not move but have an unusually large aggro radius.

Appearance: A dark insect, standing upright on two legs, with large pincers on the arms.

Difficulty: Easy

Attacks: A regular attack that hits an MT (with a few pieces of MC/ZG gear) for about 900. An AoE trample that hits the MT for about 1200, rogues for about 1800. An uppercut that does about 800 damage to the MT plus knock back.

Tactics: Have a hunter or the MT pull one and let a druid or 2 keep the other rooted. (all AQ mobs appear to be "typeless", i.e. they are not beasts or humanoids and therefore not subject to most crowd control), give the tank a few seconds to get aggro and DPS down. When the first dies, the second will enrage, hitting for additional damage. This enrage can be dispelled or players can wait until the enrage effect fades. The uppercut does not seem to interfere with tank aggro. Gladiators always appears in pairs.

note: Gladiators are susceptible to stun: kidney shot, cheap shot, bash, etc. to reduce damage on the tank and any players nearby that might be getting trampled.

Reputation 3 Cenarion Circle rep

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