A powerful fire elemental held captive in the upper portions of Blackrock Spire, Pyroguard Emberseer is held prisoner by several warlocks. However, when the warlocks are broken from their trance and destroyed, Emberseer will break free and attempt to destroy anything near him. Passage to the rest of the spire is only allowed when Emberseer is eliminated.

Due to the ongoing war between Ragnaros and Nefarian, it is safe to assume that Emberseer was taken prisoner by the Blackrock Orcs. He must have been fairly powerful, considering the amount of warlocks needed to keep him in check. Why the Blackrock chose to imprison him instead of outright killing him is unknown. It is very possible though, that they might have attempted to drain him and split his powers among themselves

Breaking the Pyroguard's captivity requires clicking the Blackrock Altar at the floor. As of patch 3.0.8, this no longer requires three people and can be done solo.



Inv jewelry necklace 05
Spell holy innerfire
Inv gauntlets 11
Inv misc stonetablet 11
Inv shoulder 10
Inv chest cloth 16
Inv ammo firetar
Inv misc gem pearl 04


Enters Combat:

Ha! Ha! Ha! Thank you for freeing me, fools. Now let me repay you by charring the flesh from your bones.

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