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A pure water pool contains 0-8 Motes of Water. It is possible to fish with 475 skill without missing a catch, although 500 is best. A fresh pool will contain anywhere from 2-4 catches in availability. It is possible to catch 0 motes in a pool, however, because there is about a 10% chance for such items as Inscribed Scrollcase to drop, and as such you can fish out a pool with items like this. When you catch an actual mote, you have a 50% chance to get one or two motes. Therefore it is possible to get between 0 and 8, both of which have occurred to me personally.

On a sidenote, the picture to the right is not correct, the pure water pools glow a very vibrant light blue and are easy to spot the second they are rendered by WoW, there is quite literally no way to miss them.

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