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For the mob found in Un'Goro Crater, see Pterrordax (mob).

Pterrordax are large pterosaurs that move around in quick nervous stretches of flight, followed by slower gliding. Pterrordax cannot be tamed by hunters, but are skinnable.

Pterrordax soar through the air, using their keen predator's senses to satisfy their taste for fresh meat. These fierce creatures stand as tall as a horse and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Their pigmentation ranges from moss green to deep emerald. Claw-tipped wings stretch out form the back of the reptilian creature. Green eyes shine above a long, beaklike snout lined with razor teeth. While weaker than other dinosaurs, pterrordax possess great agility. Pterrordax prefer to hunt alone; normally, adventurers encounter them in pairs only during mating season, a two-week period in the springtime. Pterrordax may form flights when their breeding grounds are threatened by a strong foe, but disband once they eliminate the threat. A hungry pterrordax attacks any creature smaller than itself, disdaining carrion. It batters enemies to death with its clawed wings and tears the flesh from bones with its fanged beak. A badly wounded pterrordax retreats and flies back to its lair to rest.[1] (MG 28)

They are also known as pteradons. A Pteradon Skeleton hangs in the Library in Ironforge with the note: "This intact pteradon skeleton was recovered from the remote Un'Goro Crater. Based on the skeletal structure, it is clear that this specific genus has not yet been encountered. This skeleton could have been preserved for any number of centuries beneath the region's rich soil."

Known pterrordax


  • Pterrordax are likely based on the various fictionalized and fancy representations of flying reptiles in fiction, due to their agressivenes, teeth and apparently having large prey as a food source. This situation in similar to that of the raptors.

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