NPC Provisioner Arok is the Quartermaster for The Earthen Ring.

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Provisioner Arok
<Earthen Ring Quartermaster>
Item Cost Type
Friendly [Tabard of the Earthen Ring] 1Gold Tabard
Honored [Stone-Wrapped Greaves] 81Gold 59Silver 45Copper
[Mantle of Moss] 52Gold 28Silver 61Copper
[Pendant of Elemental Balance] 21Gold 37Silver 37Copper
[Helm of Temperance] 35Gold 10Silver 20Copper
Revered [Arcanum of the Earthen Ring] 150Gold
[Peacemaker's Breastplate] 85Gold 95Silver 18Copper
[Leggings of Clutching Roots] 61Gold 16Silver 42Copper
[Cloak of Ancient Wisdom] 36Gold 56Silver 6Copper
[Softwind Cape] 37Gold 10Silver 87Copper
Exalted [Earthmender's Boots] 79Gold 88Silver 90Copper
[World Keepers Gauntlets] 62Gold 65Silver 57Copper
[Flamebloom Gloves] 35Gold 47Silver 62Copper
[Signet of the Elder Council] 21Gold 37Silver 37Copper


  • None of the reward items sold by this vendor can be disenchanted.

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