Private Furlbrow is a member of the the Valiance Expedition and is currently stationed at the Westfall Brigade Encampment in the Grizzly Hills. He is the son of Theodore Furlbrow and Verna Furlbrow.

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Private Furlbrow and Private Jansen share a comical argument over a certain recipe of Salma Saldean's Inv misc food 115 condorsoup [Westfall Stew] that quickly escalates into name calling and ends with a fist fight.

Private Jansen says: Boy what I wouldn't give for a bowl of old Salma Saldean's Westfall Stew right about now.
Private Jansen says: Gruel and Hardtack are no way to survive.
Private Furlbrow says: Y'know, It's not Salma Saldean's recipe.
Private Jansen says: What?
Private Furlbrow says: It's not Salma Saldean's recipe. It's my Ma's. She asked some passerby to deliver it to Salma right before she and Pa left Westfall with Old Blanchy.
Private Jansen says: Yeah? Well, at least the Saldeans didn't flee Westfall when things got tough.
Private Furlbrow says: No one insults Ma and Pa! Take it back!
Private Jansen says: You heard what I said! Your parents are cowards, and so are you, Furlbrow!
They start punching each other, after Furlbrow wins:
Private Furlbrow says: Glad you decided to see it my way...
Jansen despawns, and after approximately 7 minutes (apparently to go to the field medic) he spawns.
Private Jansen says: OK, I take it back! Your Ma and Pa weren't cowards!

The passerby referred to is a reference to the quest Alliance 15 [10] Westfall Stew (1) available in Westfall along the road from Elwynn Forest, not far from the bridge crossing.

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