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Inv misc monsterscales 15
  • Pristine Hide of the Beast
  • Item Level 1
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
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This can only be obtained by skinning The Beast, which requires a skinning skill of 310. Prior to The Burning Crusade, this could only be reached with either the Inv sword 35 [Zulian Slicer] or the Inv sword 33 [Finkle's Skinner], separately adding +10 or jointly adding +20 to skinning). The Beast is easily skinned from anyone with Master Skinning, available in Shattrath or Hellfire Peninsula.

The Pristine Hide is a required component of several epic quests obtained from Malyfous's Catalogue in Winterspring.

Some believe that the skinner who skins the Beast should get it; others prefer rolling for it; guilds will most likely bank it or distribute it to the player deemed most in need.

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