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Princess is a neutral level 9 boar found roaming Brackwell Pumpkin Patch in Elwynn Forest. She is the pig of the Brackwell family and once won the first price, receiving the Inv jewelry ring 03.png [Brass Collar].

She is tougher than the local boars that roam the forest, but not by a significant amount. She has a slightly smaller pig "guard" (Porcine Entourage) who follows her around the farmyard and helps her in combat. She will not be hostile unless you attack her or her guard, or you happen to be one of Ma Stonefield's veggies.

She has to be killed for a quest because she grew fat and won competitions by eating from Ma Stonefield's veggie patch.

Princess is tamable and comes with Bite as a damage skill and Gore as a secondary damage skill. As a pet, she is easy to feed due to the wide variety of diet she accepts.

Princess used to be accompanied by two of the Porcine Entourages. However, sometime in early 2008 ,one of the guards was removed from the game making completion of her associated quest much easier to complete.



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