Main Bosses

Prince Keleseth
Skarvald the Constructor
Dalronn the Controller
Ingvar the Plunderer



Annhylde the Caller


Other Utgarde Keep instances

Utgarde Pinnacle (5)


Prince Keleseth is the first boss of the Utgarde Catacombs, a warlock in Tier 6 armor. He is the Scourge ambassador to the vrykul, and is in charge of using mindless undead to dig a tunnel to Gjalerbron.


He spawns 5 undead skeletons, with about 6-8k HP. These can be stunned/feared/shackled or tanked. Once they have died, they will all respawn and need to be dealt with again.

Keleseth will also Ice Tomb one party member. The tombs last for 30 seconds and cause damage over time to the entombed target. The DoT ticks for roughly 300-500 Frost damage. These tombs can be targeted and killed much like the Demon Chains in the Terestian Illhoof encounter. The tombs have about 6-8k HP. A paladin's Divine Shield, a dwarf's Stone Form and or a mage's Ice Block can break the tombs.


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