Primalist Thurloga is a Horde quest giver located in Frostwolf Village in the Alterac Valley. She offers two repeatable quests, Horde 15 [60] A Gallon of Blood and Horde 15 [60] Lokholar the Ice Lord. Both quests require the turn in of [Stormpike Soldier's Blood] which can be found on the corpses of Alliance players. She is unusually dark-natured for a Tauren.

Turning in 200 [Stormpike Soldier's Blood] during the course of battle will start an event that causes the shamans to march to the Field of Strife to summon Lokholar the Ice Lord.


  • Soldiers of Frostwolf, come to my aid! The Ice Lord has granted us his protection. He's accepted the offering! The time has come to unleash him upon the Stormpike Army!
  • It is done! Lok'holar has arrived! Bow to the might of the Horde, fools!

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