A primal ooze from Monster Guide.

Primal Oozes are found throughout Un'goro Crater. Using [Encased Corrupt Ooze] will transform them into a Gargantuan Ooze.

Primal oozes are primitive creatures that may date back to the creation of life. They exude acidic digestive juices on their surface and into the air, feeding on any animal matter they encounter. Primal oozes are equally at home on land or in water, and have been known to climb trees or stone formations to drop on unsuspecting passersby. Primal oozes take the form of a 6-foot wide, 2-foot high lump of noxious goo. They weigh approximately 200 pounds. These clumps of disgusting slime are brownish-green. Pieces of bone and metal glint inside the creatures, barely visible through the semi-transparent surface. A primal ooze attacks any animal matter it encounters, using its acid attacks to partially digest a meal before it has even been subdued. Creatures that resist are pummeled to death with acid-covered pseudopods. Primal oozes pursue food relentlessly for as long as they can sense it.

A primal ooze can release an acidic cloud that extends in a five-foot sphere around the creature. The cloud deals acid damage to any creatures caught within it. Primal oozes secrete acid constantly. A primal ooze that takes enough damage, reacts by creating a clone of itself. Cloning cannot be interrupted, but if the ooze dies while taking this action, the clone is not formed. While it creates the clone, the ooze’s acidic cloud increases in radius to ten feet. However, once cloning is complete, neither the original nor the clone can use the acidic cloud ability for a day. A primal ooze’s clone is identical to the undamaged original, with full health. Magical effects in place on the original are not present on the clone. Once a primal ooze has cloned itself, neither the original nor the clone can use the cloning ability again until they have fed on animal matter equal to twice their own body weight.[1] (MG 110)



They spawn Combat 15 [50-52] Cloned Ooze when they are near death, which is an identical copy of the original Primal ooze but often with a slightly lower level.

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