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Primal Nether is used in epic level engineering, blacksmithing, enchanting, leatherworking, and tailoring recipes.


This item is a guaranteed drop from the final boss of every 5-man instance on Heroic mode. It also has a low chance to be an additional drop from the final bosses of high level dungeons.

Boss Dungeon Zone Normal Drop Heroic Drop
Aeonus The Black Morass Caverns of Time 5% 100%
Epoch Hunter Old Hillsbrad Foothills Caverns of Time 0% 100%
Harbinger Skyriss The Arcatraz Tempest Keep 5% 100%
Pathaleon the Calculator The Mechanar Tempest Keep 5% 100%
Warp Splinter The Botanica Tempest Keep 5% 100%
Murmur Shadow Labyrinth Auchindoun 5% 100%
Exarch Maladaar Auchenai Crypts Auchindoun 0% 100%
Nexus-Prince Shaffar Mana-Tombs Auchindoun 0% 100%
Talon King Ikiss Sethekk Halls Auchindoun 2.5% 100%
Warchief Kargath Bladefist The Shattered Halls Hellfire Citadel 5% 100%
Keli'dan the Breaker The Blood Furnace Hellfire Citadel 0% 100%
Omor the Unscarred Hellfire Ramparts Hellfire Citadel 0% 100%
Warlord Kalithresh The Steamvault Coilfang Reservoir 5% 100%
Quagmirran The Slave Pens Coilfang Reservoir 0% 100%
The Black Stalker The Underbog Coilfang Reservoir 0% 100%

This item is also sold by G'eras in Shattrah for 10 Badges of Justice.

As an ingredient


- Name - Armor Slot Required - Weapon -
[Black Felsteel Bracers] Plate Wrist
[Black Planar Edge] Axe Axesmith
[Blazeguard] Sword Swordsmith
[Blessed Bracers] Plate Wrist
[Boots of the Protector] Plate Feet
[Bracers of the Green Fortress] Plate Wrist
[Bulwark of Kings] Plate Chest Armorsmith
[Deep Thunder] Mace Hammersmith
[Dirge] Dagger
[Dragonmaw] Axe Hammersmith
[Eternium Runed Blade] Dagger
[Fel Edged Battleaxe] Axe
[Fel Hardened Maul] Axe
[Felfury Gauntlets] Mail Hands
[Felsteel Longblade] Sword
[Felsteel Reaper] Axe
[Gauntlets of the Iron Tower] Plate Hands
[Hand of Eternity] Mace
[Helm of the Stalwart Defender] Plate Helm
[Iceguard Breastplate] Plate Chest The Violet Eye
[Iceguard Helm] Plate Helm The Violet Eye
[Iceguard Leggings] Plate Legs The Violet Eye
[Khorium Champion] Sword
[Lionheart Champion] Sword Swordsmith
[Mooncleaver] Axe Axesmith
[Oathkeeper's Helm] Plate Helm
[Red Havoc Boots] Plate Feet
[Runic Hammer] Mace
[Steelgrip Gauntlets] Plate Hands
[Storm Helm] Mail Head
[Twisting Nether Chain Shirt] Mail Chest
[Wildguard Breastplate] Plate Chest Cenarion Expedition
[Wildguard Helm] Plate Helm Cenarion Expedition
[Wildguard Leggings] Plate Legs Cenarion Expedition






Note that it is BoP. Even if the crafted equipment is BoE, the person creating it must have the Primal Nether. This probably means that the price for equipment depending on these will be very high.

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