Polly is a level 18 parrot found in the Southsea Pirates' ship, the Tide Razor, in the Barrens.

Wrenix the Wretched wants the treasure that Polly guards. Polly really likes to eat [E.C.A.C.s].

Objective ofEdit


When an E.C.A.C. is used on polly:

What the squawk??? Squawk, squawk, squawk? SQUAWK!


Polly spawns when you pick the lock on the target chest of the quest, The_Jewel_of_the_Southsea, while you are on the quest. This chest is located on the second floor down on the ship, by itself, behind a staircase. Polly drops the final quest objective, and must be killed in order to complete the quest.

Polly is designed to be too tough for the typical level rogue doing the quest. Using the E.C.A.C. on Polly debuffs her and makes her defeatable.

You should be initially shielded from Polly by the staircase and will have time to select her and use the cracker (or hearth out if you failed to bring one.)

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Polly before the cracker

Polly after the cracker

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