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The Great Dark


The "cosmic map" from World of Warcraft.

The term planet (sometimes referred to as world) is a geographical category. Planets exist in the Great Dark Beyond, which is apparently the term for what we would call "outer space".

The term "world" generally refers to Azeroth itself, other worlds are generally referred to by their names in context to Azeroth.

In geographical hierarchy, worlds contain continents.

Known worlds

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Unknown worlds

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Some worlds exist in the Warcraft universe that have not yet been named. Most often we know of their existence because of creatures coming from those worlds.

Countless other unnamed worlds have been visited by the titans, the naaru, and taken over or obliterated by the Burning Legion.

The draenei passed dozens of worlds and mapped much of the cosmos after they left Argus.

At least seven planets are set to feature in future patches and/or expansions for World of Warcraft, courtesy of Outland's Dimensional Gateways.[3]


In the novel The Last Guardian, the orcs are said to come from a planet (Draenor) on the far side of the Dark Beyond. The sky looked rusty due to the red sun there.[4] (LG 144) However, there is also evidence that Azeroth and Draenor may be in the same star system, as Azeroth can be seen from the courtyard of the Black Temple. It may be a portal or the like since Draenor may be completely in the Twisting Nether (which can be used to pass between points in the universe easily).[citation needed] In the World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade Official Strategy Guide, Azeroth is said to be the "closest habitable world" to Draenor.

Travel between worlds

The only known means of traveling between worlds is through the use of magic, advanced technology, or through the Twisting Nether. These include:

See Teleportation.


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