Pilot Stonegear [49.5, 48.4]
nicknamed Stone, is a level 20 quest giver located in Steelgrill's Depot in the dwarven starting zone of Dun Morogh. He's a member of the Ironforge Siege Brigade.

He starts the following quests:

Stonegear pilots the Siege Engine Trollplow. As befits someone whose life depends on the performance of a device, he seeks to improve both Trollplow's combat performance and livability. He often discusses Siege engines with fellow pilot Pilot Bellowfiz.

Of Steam and Engines

Pilot Bellowfiz says: Nothing beats the sound of a twin-carb, fork-ring steam engine burning pure firestone!
Pilot Stonegear says: Ha! I'd take the sound of a Crater Cannon XT blasting off a shell over that anyday!
Pilot Bellowfiz says: Bah! You wouldn't know a great steam engine if it smacked you upside the head!
Pilot Stonegear says: Maybe, but if it did hit me upside the head I'd know exactly which cannon to use to blow it into the smallest bits!

Pilot Bellowfiz says: Hey Stone, did you hear about the new steam engine old Tonkrend has been runnin on?
Pilot Stonegear says: Ah yes. I've heard all about those new flarged things. Armor was removed from the casing to decrease weight. Bargh! Nonsense!
Pilot Bellowfiz says: Do you ever think about anything other than fighting? I could circle you down on the stretch course!
Pilot Stonegear says: Bah! By the time you got in range of old Trollplow you would be in [sic] reduced to rubble!
Pilot Bellowfiz says: Argh! You're hopeless!

Pilot Stonegear says: Hey Fizzer, I ever tell you the time I was riding through the canals and some goblins in shredder suits tried to ambush me?
Pilot Bellowfiz says: Ah, let me see. Yes probably nearing a hundred times now I'd wager!
Pilot Stonegear says: Brahaha! Tha look on their faces as old Trollplow's gun came swiveling around to meet them! Their saws couldn't even touch me!
Pilot Bellowfiz says: I would have just dropped some Evershine in my tank and been back home before they realized I'd gone!
Pilot Stonegear says: Bah! That's no fun!

Pilot Bellowfiz says: Hey Stone, let's hit the circuit some time. We could run a few laps and see who wins?
Pilot Stonegear says: Aye sure, just as long as we get to hit the arena right after!
Pilot Bellowfiz says: Nothing you can say will ever get me in the arena against that monstrosity of a machine you call a steam tank!
Pilot Stonegear says: Har! You scared I'll hurt your little dainty racer?
Pilot Bellowfiz says: Ha! I'm more afraid that those old holes and gashes would burst that thing and I would be showered by the shrapnel!
Pilot Stonegear says: Haha! Sturdy old Trollplow has just a few meager battle scars!

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