Pig Farms were used by the Horde during the Second War.[1] (W2Man 81) Just before the Third War, when Thrall went to Kalimdor, he left behind the pig farms and instead used burrows. After the war, Thrall's forces continue to use both pig farms and burrows.

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During the Second War.

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[Pig] Farms provide the necessary raw foodstuffs to sustain both the slave labor force and the war parties in the field. Without a sufficient food supply, new units cannot be acquired. The staple diet of the Orcs - along with their kindred Troll and Ogre brothers - is fresh meat. To satisfy this hunger for flesh, wild Boars are trapped and bred for food. Readily abundant in most regions, they have become a bonfire favorite (along with a tankard of Bloodmead) among the hardened troops engaged in a long war march.[1] (W2Man 81)

In Warcraft IIIEdit

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Before the Third War, Thrall's forces continued using pig farms,[2] however when they left to Kalimdor they used burrows instead.

Also, during the Third War, the Blackrock clan used pig farms to fed their troops. Some were destroyed by Arthas' forces when they attacked the Blackrock clan village during The Scourge of Lordaeron[3] and the rest of them were destroyed by the Scourge during Path of the Damned as they intended to communicate with Archimonde using a functional gate located in the Blackrock clan village.[4]

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Rocktusk Farm

A pig farm in World of Warcraft

The Horde has several pig farms in the time of World of Warcraft. Most of them are new, but a few remain from the second war.

Moaoto is a Broken pig farmer.

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