Phoenix-Hawk Hatchling can be found in Tempest Keep and The Eye.


  • Immolation for around 2k initial fire damage.
  • Wing Buffet. 1 second cast that can not be interupted. It will knockback all people in melee range.
  • AoE Silence (4 seconds, dispellable)
  • Melees for around 3k on cloth.


  • Vulnerable to all Crowd Controls. They are vulnerable to Hibernate and Scare Beast since they are Beasts.
  • Immune to all Stun effects.
  • Can be tamed by hunters.
  • Vulnerable to snares.


BattlemastergossipiconItem Level Skill Slot Drop%
Inv potion 156 [Bottled Nethergon Energy]6813.7%
Spell shadow metamorphosis [Mark of the Illidari]704.4%
Inv misc leatherscrap 09 [Knothide Leather Scraps]604.1%
Inv potion 153 [Bottled Nethergon Vapor]653.2%
Inv belt 21 [Shadow Council Chain]111ClothWaist0.9%
Inv shoulder 23 [Conqueror's Epaulets]114PlateShoulder0.6%
Inv misc book 09 [Codex: Prayer of Fortitude III]700.3%
Inv misc ornatebox [Khorium Lockbox]680.3%
Inv misc book 09 [Codex: Prayer of Shadow Protection II]700.3%
Inv shoulder 09 [Shadow Council Mantle]111ClothShoulder0.3%
Inv misc book 07 [Tome of Conjure Water IX]700.3%
Inv misc book 07 [Tome of Conjure Food VIII]700.3%
Inv misc book 11 [Book: Gift of the Wild III]700.3%
Inv misc book 07 [Tome of Arcane Brilliance 2]700.3%
Inv misc gem azuredraenite 03 [Azure Moonstone]650.3%
Inv chest cloth 39 [Eldr'naan Jerkin]114ClothChest0.3%
Inv helmet 32 [Eldr'naan Hood]114ClothHead0.3%
Inv crown 02 [Archmage Headpiece]117Head0.3%
Inv bracer 10 [Archmage Bracelets]117Wrist0.3%
Inv feather 06 [Murkblood Cover]114LeatherHead0.3%
Inv pants 06 [Expedition Pants]117LeatherLegs0.3%
Inv belt 24 [Skettis Belt]111MailWaist0.3%
Inv shoulder 14 [Skettis Spaulders]111MailShoulder0.3%
Inv bracer 13 [Skettis Bracer]111Wrist0.3%
Inv jewelry ring 10 [Sodalite Band]111Finger0.3%
Inv jewelry necklace 08 [Kunzite Necklace]111Neck0.3%
Inv wand 14 [Draenethyst Wand]114WandRanged0.3%
Inv bracer 19 [Bloodfist Vambraces]111PlateWrist0.3%
Inv misc leatherscrap 10 [Knothide Leather]600.3%

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