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<li>{{achievement|I Choose You}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|I Choose You}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Pandaren Spirit Tamer}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Pandaren Spirit Tamer}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Pet Charmer}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Pet Charmer}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Taming Azeroth}}</li>
<li>{{achievement|Taming Azeroth}}</li>

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ed Pet Battles achievements- General
  1. Money achievement Battle Master
  2. Money achievement Fabled Pandaren Tamer
  3. Money achievement I Choose You
  4. Money achievement Pandaren Spirit Tamer
  5. Money achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines
  6. Money achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Wailing Caverns
  7. Money achievement Pet Charmer
  8. Money achievement Taming Azeroth
  9. Money achievement Taming Cataclysm
  10. Money achievement Taming Draenor
  11. Money achievement Taming Eastern Kingdoms
  12. Money achievement Taming Kalimdor
  13. Money achievement Taming Northrend
  14. Money achievement Taming Outland
  15. Money achievement Taming Pandaria
  16. Money achievement Taming the Great Outdoors
  17. Money achievement Taming the Wild
  18. Money achievement Taming the World
  19. Money achievement The Longest Day
  20. Money achievement Time to Open a Pet Store
  21. Money achievement Trainer Extraordinaire
  22. Money achievement Ultimate Trainer
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