Trade engineering
  • Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator
  • Waist
  • Requires: Engineering (390)
  • Tools:
  • Reagents:
  • Permanently attaches a high-powered device to your belt, allowing you to confuse nearby mechanicals. Only a skilled engineer can activate the modified belt.

    Can only be attached to your own belt, and doing so causes the belt to become soulbound.
  • 5 sec cast

Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator is an engineer-only permanent "enchant" to belts.

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The recipe for this tinker is learned from Grand Master Engineering trainers.

Inv misc wrench 01
[Arclight Spanner]
Inv misc enggizmos 27
4x [Overcharged Capacitor]


This does stack with the [Eternal Belt Buckle], but does not stack with other engineering tinkers, specifically the [Frag Belt].

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