The Pearlfin tribe, also known as Pearlfin Jinyu, is a faction of Jinyu that become affiliated with the noble Alliance.

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Many thousand years ago, the Jinyu of the Pearlfin tribe stood on the throne of all Pandaria. At an unknown time, they trusted a tribe of hozen, who later betrayed them. Feeling betrayed, Pearlfin Jinyu have been distrustful of outsiders and were at war with the Hozen for over the years.

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Mists-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Sometime when the Alliance and Horde arrived, Bold Karasshi, who was a member of the Pearlfin tribe, was tasked to help Alliance adventurers in rescuing Admiral Taylor from a Forest Hozen prison. After escaping their captors, the Alliance and all Jinyu prisoners that were rescued, seek sancturary in Pearlfin Village, home of the Pearlfin tribe.

After discovering that the Horde have allied with the Hozen, the adventurers were tasked to bring the Pearlfin Jinyu into the Alliance. After consulting with their water ancestors and the spirit of the former Jinyu emperor of Pandaria, Rassharom, the Pearlfin tribe pledged their allegiance to the Alliance. After that, the Alliance went on to train many Pearlfin Jinyu in their superior military knowledge and arm them with better weaponry. Also, the Pearlfin Jinyu would learn the ways of becoming a Mage, Priest, Rogue, or Warrior in order to be well-prepared against their enemies. Now, the Pearlfin tribe supported the Alliance's cause against the Horde.

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