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The Peak of Serenity is located in the north-central part of Kun-Lai Summit, very high in the mountains. Surprisingly, the grounds are laced with hot springs, mitigating the frigid mountaintop winds. The only animals seen with any frequency are the large and unfriendly Combat Upland Eagles, a few athletic Combat Tolai Hares, frisky Combat Arctic Foxlings - and the very occasional view of a Combat Wild Onyx Serpent.

Four schools of monasticism find high-level training here: The studious Crane Style Monks, the aggressive Tiger Style Monks, the stolid Ox Style Monks and the contemplative Serpent Style Monks. The Tiger training area is towards the north side, across a pair of bridges; the Serpents are both east and west of the main building, with a training area like the Tigers, and a contempative space where a Jade Serpent statue stands surrounded by one of the bubbling pools. A little south and uphill from the Serpent training floor is the scroll-filled cave of the Cranes.

Scrambling up the hillside between the Crane cave and the main building, one might overlook the road between the Shado-pan Monastery and the Mogu'Shan Terrace. On the side of the peak opposite, forming the south side of the road, occasional furious barrages of giant snowballs fall on unfortunate climbers. The bellows of the Boss Sha of Anger may be heard all the way up here.


Getting there

The only method to reach the Peak of Serenity on foot seems to be to climb north from the east-west road between the Shado-Pan Monastery, and the intersection between the road southwest from the Valley of Emperors and north from One Keg. Start uphill just at the westmost pair of road-marker braziers.

There are no apparent obstructions to flying in.

The closest flightpath seems to be Winter's Blossom.

Spiritual travel is far more efficient - Zen Pilgrimage takes you to the Peak almost instantly.


  • Neutral IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Iron-Body Ponshu <Monk Trainer - Master Ox>
  • There are no Ox Style monks present yet as of 12 June.


  • Fearsome Jang no longer cheerfully murders those who would speak spar with him, but answers the training questions instead.
  • There is a courtyard with tents, suggestive of a small market planned but not yet implemented. There is a game laid out on a mat in one tent, and a chest of documents in another.



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