Peacekeeper Jadaar is a guard in Shattrath City. On first sighting, he was placed in the Covered Market in Lower City, standing next to Griftah the trinket seller and making skeptical comments in response to Griftah's sales pitch.

After a period of time, Griftah was moved to the outskirts of Shattrath city and Jadaar was joined by Investigator Asric, overseeing the investigation of Griftah's stall. When you spoke to him he would announce the following:

  • Let it never be said that we do not listen to the concerns of the people. This “Griftah” individual has made false claims and we mean to set things right.

He offers this explanation:

  • The merchant known as Griftah has been exiled from this city for his fraudulent activities. We plan to go over these little knick-knacks he sells extremely carefully. Please, leave his stall undisturbed and let us do our work.

As of patch 2.3.0 Jadaar currently stands with Investigator Asric in the World's End Tavern, arguing with him over who was responsible for the loss of evidence in the Griftah case. However, when you spoke to him his text remained the same. Some time after Patch 2.4.0, players could no longer speak with him.

Griftah himself has returned to his own stall in the city, and now gives a Zul'Aman related quest, as well as selling new items.

Wrath of the Lich King Edit

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It would appear that the Griftah incident did not go down well with the leadership in Shattrath, as both Jadaar and Asric were fired by the Sha'tar and left Shattrath to find new employment. In Wrath of the Lich King, they found their way to Northrend, where they sit in the Cantrips and Crows, the bar in the Underbelly of Dalaran. Jadaar appears to be particularly bitter about this, and blames Asric for their loss of employment.

Quotes Edit

  • There have been some complaints filed about this... individual. I'm told he's something of a shady character. I am here to determine whether or not this business of his is legitimate... and take action if it proves otherwise.

From his conversations with Griftah:

Griftah says: Dangerous out there, innit? Know what ya need? Protection. I can help ya defy death itself! Ya wear this madstone 'round yer neck, see, and then ya be able to come back if ya find yerself in the spirit world! Just a quick jaunt to yer corpse and up ya come, fresh and new!
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: You cannot possibly be suggesting that these baubles of yours hold sway over the very fabric of life itself!
Griftah says: Ya wanna find out?!
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: ...was that a THREAT?!
Griftah says: Ah... uh... nah.

Griftah says: Hey! Hey, <race>! I be havin' just the thing for ya. Ya ever see a tikbalang? Frightenin' creatures. Prone to stealin' ya away. What ya need is one of my tikbalang wards. Guaranteed to ward all tikbalangs!
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: I've never heard of a tikbalang in my life. In fact, the Scryers tell me they can't find a single mention in one of their libraries.
Griftah says: Look, man, they didn't live to be writin' about it, okay?

Griftah says: Look over here, <class>! I got something for ya. Just what ya need! It's soap, right.. and it's on a rope! No offense, man, but yer a little ripe, know what I'm sayin'?
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: Are you insulting our citizens?
Griftah says: It's the truth, man. Can't ya smell that?
Peacekeeper Jadaar sniffs the air and frowns. He glances over his shoulder.
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: That... odor is from Tobias, I believe.
Griftah’s frustrated frown disappears into a sly look.
Griftah says: ... do ya think he be buyin' soap on a roap, mebbe?
Peacekeeper Jadaar rolls his eyes.

Griftah says: C'mere, <race>. Ya don't want to be riskin' yerself in a dungeon, do ya? Filthy work, and for what? Some worthless trinket? Nah, what ya need be one of my amulets. Guaranteed to work!
Peacekeeper Jadaar says: Truly? "Guaranteed?" We'll have to sit down and talk at length about this "guarantee" of yours, merchant.

Patches & Hotfixes Edit

Patch 2.1 — He stood next to Griftah, questioning the usefulness of Griftah's trinkets and sustaining funny conversations with him.

Patch 2.2 — He stood with Investigator Asric searching Griftah's booth, while the troll was exiled from the city.

Patch 2.3 — He now stands with Investigator Asric in the Worlds End Tavern, arguing with Asric over who is at fault for the evidence 'disappearing,' allowing Griftah's return to the city.

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